Adding another language (Russian)

You know what, I’m not even sure how this happened. Here I was, coasting along learning four languages, and suddenly I’m sitting down with a book of beginner’s Russian and learning the Cyrillic alphabet. I’ve heard Russian is incredibly hard to learn with the large amount of cases and such, but apparently this just makes me more excited to learn.

Russian has always been on my internal list of languages I want to learn, however, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. Back when I was an overwhelmed teenager I started learning British Sign Language and Russian while doing my A Levels, and gave up both in short order because I was barely able to complete my required courses. (In fact, I was so overwhelmed that I broke down in a French class and quit the course, leading to nearly ten years of avoiding all languages.)

Now I’m in a steadier place and have the time and energy to learn as many languages as I can cram in so why not?

Learning languages is relaxing for me. I like grammar. I enjoy phonetics and trying to force my mouth to make new sounds. I find it deeply calming to watch language videos or listen to tutors on italki. Why not do more?

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