Imbolc Reading Tag 2020

With Spring (eventually) on its way, I’m lucky to have a talented and creative friend in Sue who comes up with excellent tags and blog ideas. Thank you to Sue for these prompts. Unfortunately Spring is FAR from here in Canada; we’ll be trudging through cold and snow for another eight weeks even if Spring comes early, but I live in hope.

I’ve been on holiday in England visiting family, so I haven’t been reading much. Hopefully this tag will have me up and running.

Imbolc celebrates the turn of winter and the coming of the warmer months.

1. New beginnings: What new series or new release are you eager to read?

I’ve been waiting for roughly 84 years to read the sequel to Hild by Nicola Griffiths which is about a queer woman living in pre-Christian England (before England was England). It’s fascinating and I hear rumours the new one might be out this year.

Perhaps I shouldn’t get too excited as I thought it would be out in 2019 too, but hope springs eternal.

2. Goddess of the Hearth: what book makes you feel that warm happy glow?

This is a weird answer, but Days Without End by Sebastian Barry. It’s not a happy book through most of it, but the relationships between the characters is lovely and it’s the most realistic fictional version of a historical trans person I’ve ever read. Don’t read this expecting happy or easy, though.

I always feel guilty recommending that book. I re-read it lately for the third time in the last four or five months, and though I still adore it, I can’t avoid how violent and traumatic it is in many places. It’s full of darkness but it ends in light. That’s Spring, isn’t it?

3. Group rituals are popular this time of year: Which is your favourite bookish squad?


4. Fertility is a big deal this time of year: Talk about your favourite book about fertility, be it about sexy times, food, or the natural world.

I have no idea how to answer this one. I suppose Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer is about the rebirth of nature in a way and that’s a lovely book! One of my favourites, in fact.

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