Short Story Competition – NYC Midnight 2020

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I signed up for the Short Story competition that started up today with NYC Midnight. I’ve done a flash fiction competition with them too in which I got through to the second round (yay!) but flopped dramatically afterward. Since I’m so up in my head all the time I have issues writing regularly, but when there’s a deadline I can get the words out quickly. I’m working on that, but for now I at least know how my brain works!

This year, my prompts are:

Drama/A marriage proposal/Make-up artist

I don’t usually write drama so at first I was a little nervous, but I met up with my friend Abbie at the library and while she edited her erotica, I spilled out 1200 words of a story. The character fell into my head fully formed so now I’m trying to figure out how to give him a good emotional arc in a short period of time without aliens. Look, I really like sci-fi.

The main issue this time around is that I’m going to England on Wednesday. This means I need to get it submitted by then since I absolutely will not have time while I’m visiting my family! There will be too much conversation, laughs, and beers to finish a short story in any decent form. So. Let’s see what I can do by Wednesday.

Maybe I’ll even share it here if I like it!

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