What am I reading today?

Are you one of those people who can handle reading one book at a time? I’m certainly not. I always have multiple books on the go. After all, I read a lot and I’m not always in the mood for one particular genre, so having lots makes it easier. Here are the books I’m currently reading.

After Paris by Renny DeGroot

Funnily enough, I am acquainted with this author but had no idea until last night. My wife bought me this book last Christmas after encountering the author at a local craft fair of some kind, saying that the author was really nice and the stories look interesting. I haven’t got to it yet, but last night I used a pile of books to block off my post-surgery cat from jumping too high, and I recognised the name. Since last Christmas I’ve been a member of a local writing group and the author attends too. It jumped the book up my TBR and now I’ve started it with no idea what to expect.

Cibola Burn by James S. A. Corey

This is my brain candy. I love this series. It’s deeply satisfying science fiction that I find occasionally difficult to read (like this morning!) because the portrayal of corporate evils is so painfully accurate. The characters are all great, though, and maybe one day I’ll get around to watching the show (The Expanse).

The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn

When I did my Psychology A Level at college, we watched a documentary about the Jonestown Massacre where a cult leader encouraged hundreds of people into committing what he called ‘revolutionary suicide’. We were stunned into silence at the end of the documentary, and it stood out as the first time I realised what mindless obedience could do to us. However, reading this book is revealing the life and complexities of Rev. Jim Jones, showing how his terrible obsession with control and infamy was weighed beside a genuine drive to help oppressed people. This book is a slow read but I’m enjoying how the author takes a wide view on the complexities of the situation; it does no one justice to simplify a tragedy.

Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore

I don’t remember why I got this out at the library, but I picked it up the other day and it was an instant joy. It’s strange, meandering, and entirely dreamlike in a way that sweeps you up in it. It reads like a dark, queer fairy tale; something that warns of the darkness of life while providing entertainment. I also recently found out the author is non-binary so I’m glad to support them!

A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Sure, this is a 34 hour audiobook. Sure, that’s pretty intimidating. However, I’m trying to read longer books overall this year, and this is one I’ve had on my radar for while. Since reading How to Hide an Empire, I’ve also been interested in the lesser-spoken history of the American Empire, so this seemed a natural choice. Plus it was available at the library. Have I mentioned I really love my library?

What books do you have on the go at the moment? Or are you a one book at a time person?

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