The Academic Reading Challenge 2020

Last year I started to participate in the excellent Academic Reading Challenge but realised my time would be taken up by textbooks while finishing my MEd. Once that was done, I was burnt out on anything too high brow, so I abandoned the challenge. This year I’m trying again with a much better chance of being successful.

Rebecca hosts the challenge and is a generally excellent person; you can find the details in the post here. There’s also a Facebook group where you can find support and inspiration. If you’re the kind of nerd who likes to push themselves in reading outside of your usual interests, join in! I’m looking forward to getting involved.

I’m not certain about some of the categories yet, but here are the ones for which I’ve already picked out a book:

Book about politics outside the U.S. 

1919 by Tim Pat Coogan (Ireland)

Book about the ocean or an ocean voyage

The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

Book about a religion that you have never before studied or practiced

Not sure of a specific book yet, but I want to learn about Islam and have never directly studied it. Suggestions welcome.

Book about magic or the supernatural

Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland by Andrew Sneddon (ed.)

So far, that’s all I have planned!

I’d love to hear any suggestions for the other categories. If you’re getting involved, enjoy! It’s going to be run focusing on reading these, especially outside my usual fare. To me, it’s important to keep learning about topics I wouldn’t always think to approach because the more you explore knowledge, the clearer understanding you have of this messy world around us.

Throughout the year I’ll be posting updates so look forward to that.

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