Reading Longer Books in 2020

I like reading. I read a lot. For the last 2 years, I’ve read an average of one book every three days, and that was while working full time and studying full time for a Master’s simultaneously for the majority of it. I don’t say that to brag as who gives a shit how much someone else reads; I say it to point out that it is a priority of mine and I will find time to do it no matter what is happening in my life.

(The exception being during some mental health slumps, but they usually don’t last too long these days.)

For 2020, my goal is not to read more books. Instead, I want to focus on reading longer books. I have a lot of books that are upward of 600 pages that I want to get to and avoid because, well, they’re big and intimidating. In 2018 I focused on bigger books and it made a difference.

In 2019, I read (at time of writing, since I intend to finish one more tonight), 129 books with a total of 39,574 pages. That’s an average of 306 pages per book. Some were fairly short while the longest book I read was 1,200+ pages. It’s ambitious, but I’d like to have an average-per-book of 400 pages next year, though I’d consider anything above a 375 average successful.

Why make reading challenges at all? After all, it’s for fun, right? I hear that a lot on book discussion pages and I get it, but remember that not everyone reads the same, and this is fun for me. Being conscious and engaged with the things I love brings me joy. I’ll elaborate that more in another post one day.

I won’t stop myself reading short books in 2020 as I do like poetry and young adult, both of which sometimes sways to the shorter side. However, this goal will push me to read my enormous tomes that have been too long neglected on my shelf. I’ll be tracking my big book reading through the year, and if you have any suggestions for 1000+ page books you’ve enjoyed, please let me know!

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