How strange to start a blog from scratch after so long without one.

In the past, I had a reasonably successful blog on a very niche topic which I unfortunately had to abandon due to personal circumstances (read: my wonky body). To try to avoid this happening again while still having a place to write and share my experiences in this very strange world, this blog will be a more general area where I will not hyperfocus but instead allow myself to speak about whatever I need to at any particular time. I hope at least some will enjoy it.

A bit about me to get us started: I’m owned by three cats and a dog, as well as a scattering of snakes. I live near Toronto with my lovely wife and am originally from the Southwest of England. Recently, I completed a Master’s of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change through the University of British Columbia; it was 100% distance learning and I’m very proud of doing so well considering I was also working full time throughout.

Outside of those basics, I am very politically minded, though more within our communities (local or global) than in the mess that is electoral politics. This is not a space where I’ll avoid the heavier topics. I organise within my own community and may discuss some of that here. In addition, I read voraciously and have done my whole life. A more recent obsession is learning multiple languages; I’ve got a degree in Linguistics so it’s always been a vague interest, but since I finished my Master’s I’ve been obsessively learning French, Arabic, Irish, and ASL. I would also love to learn Russian, Romanian, Korean, and Danish one day. Probably more. Languages are fascinating and a great way to connect with people around the world.

Maybe I’ll even share some of my tentative art here one day, or even some of my writing; I write constantly and always have done, but sharing has always been terrifying.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out.

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